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Hard Working, Dedicated, Loyal, Honest, and Professional Individuals Wanted!

About Us
We are a leading insurance broker with offices located in New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, and since 1996 we have been in the business of protecting our clients. They depend on us to protect their businesses and their families. Our entire Protection Team is dedicated to making sure that our clients are getting world-class customer service every day.

Our agency represents several major insurance companies such as Erie Insurance, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide and Progressive, just to name a few. As independent insurance brokers, we represent more than 50 insurance companies so we are able to provide our clients with the best possible protection at the lowest possible cost every day.

We have 15 full-time OUTSTANDING Protection Team Members! Our office has consistently seen double digit growth every year even in a down economy.

As a result of our fast-paced growth, we are always looking for talented, hard-working people to join our team. Our culture is one of HIGH pressure, teamwork and a fast-paced, results-based environment.


  • Consistent Hours, 8:30 AM to 5 PM
  • No Weekends, No Evenings (a quality lifestyle!)
  • A Family-Run Company Where Everyone Is Treated With Respect
  • Retirement Plan Where We Contribute 3% After Your First Year
  • Birthday Celebrations!
  • Social Events (holiday party, summer outings, home cooking by owners)
  • Positive ‘Can-Do’ Work Environment
  • Salary and Great Benefits with tremendous opportunity for growth
Our annual mini-golf tournament
Our annual mini-golf tournament


Our team go karting event
Our team go karting event


Rochester, New York Insurance Agent
The team enjoyed a night out at City Grill in downtown Rochester
Our annual team curling event
Our annual team curling event
The Quinton Insurance golf outing was a huge success, as Nate Perry used Gordon Quinton’s custom Maple Leafs putter to sink this putt.



From our Mini-Golf Tournament, to Go-Kart Racing to Curling, we like to have fun at Quinton Insurance.

About You
This is where you need to be real honest with yourself and think about whether this career is right for you. Ask a trusted friend or family member if you are the right fit for this job.

The first thing about you is you are NOT just interested in “punching a clock” and getting a paycheck. Rather, you are interested in developing your skills and your career, and making a positive contribution to a business team and the community it serves.

You understand the challenges of operating a small business and welcome them as valuable learning and growing opportunities. You understand what it is to be a HARD worker. Also, all applicants will undergo mandatory background and reference checks. We hate surprises. So are you still here and reading? Great – we’ve got a lot more to say to you.

Your Skills
You need to be computer literate and be able to quickly learn under pressure. You are going to multi-task every day! We are going to roll back the curtain in our office and train one successful candidate on how to have a great career in Property and Casualty Insurance.

Your Personality
It matters a lot. You need to be outgoing and confident and exude energy and enthusiasm. If you have ever been described as shy, quiet, or introverted this is really NOT the job for you. You should enjoy people, talking to and helping people, and have a knack for motivating and inspiring them with your positive attitude. You are articulate. You should have a good sense of humor and a cooperative attitude. You need to show kindness, have patience and respect for others. You are ethical and honest even when no one is watching. You are punctual. You are able to take the constructive criticism and correction without getting defensive or feeling “hurt” and discouraged. You look for solutions, NOT excuses. You are an avid learner and extremely resourceful in finding solutions. You are a problem solver – NOT a problem reporter.

Your Work Ethic
Because we will be paying you to work, this section is extremely important. You enjoy working and are grateful for opportunities to use your God-given talents and skills to make a positive influence and earn a living. You don’t view your job as an interruption of your life, but as a natural part of it.

You understand you are NOT getting paid just for being at work but for how you spend your time at work (i.e. the value you bring to the business). You understand that the reason the business exists is to make a profit and ALL who work here (team members & owners) must make that their foremost priority. Otherwise, the business will not be able to pay or keep employees.

You are scrupulous about using the time you are getting paid for the purposes of the business, and NOT for the purposes of your personal life (checking emails, texting, surfing the internet, Facebook, twitter, answering cell calls, etc.). Finally, you understand the risks a small-business owner faces every day that the business is open, and are cooperative with the decisions that they make, whether they suit you or not.

We do NOT mean to be harsh, but it is the reality. We truly bust our tails at Quinton Insurance, that’s why we need more help. We need someone who will be able to keep up with us. We don’t have the time nor do we enjoy micro-managing you. We will clearly set our expectations and remind you if you forget or if you fail to meet them. We will train you, we will teach you more than you ever can imagine. As your knowledge grows and your book of business grows, so will your paycheck. We want you to be part of our team and not just a worker here.

Finally, Our “We Will NOT Tolerate List”

  • Dishonesty – we will not stand for a hint of it.
  • Out of control ego – there is NO need for it (We are a TEAM at Quinton Insurance).
  • Negative Attitude
  • Laziness – we all work hard here. You will too.
  • Drama – we don’t have the time or energy.
  • People who can NOT follow instruction
  • People who can NOT manage their time
  • Anyone ‘smart’ or mean with a client – they are our present and future
  • Phoniness – I am direct. You should be too.
  • People who stew over not being paid what they think they are worth – you are worth what you can find a job to pay you.
  • Our goal every day is to take away the pain for our clients and not give more pain.

This Job is NOT For Everyone!

So, these are the “Facts of Life” at Quinton Insurance. If you are still reading and have NOT been scared off by the AWESOME challenge (and demands) of working on our award-winning, rapidly growing and insanely fast-paced Insurance Protection Team – then carefully follow the instructions below to “raise your hand” and let us know who you are. *This is NOT a run-of-the-mill job offering. I am looking for a person who is looking for a career.

How to Apply
Please do NOT call, email, fax or visit us at the office.

Simply follow the steps below and we will be in touch with you very soon.

    1. 1. Complete the interview request form at the top right of this page

2. Upload your resume

3. Upload a one-page essay on one of the following topics

    • Describe the person (present, past, deceased, living) you most admire and why?
    • Describe an experience that has been the MOST valuable to you and why?

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about our team and your new career. We look forward to meeting you very soon!

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Customer Reviews

They are an excellent choice and I’m glad we switched to them over 4 years ago.

sammy best
Sammy B

The very best at customer service and they represent many different companies.

Kim Maxin
Kim M
5/5 was a great decision!

Stephen W.
Stephen W

We're happy customers now, and we anticipate being so for years to come.

Stephen Walasavage
Stephen W

...we look forward to being their customers for years to come!

Stephen Walasavage
Stephen W