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  • Jocelyn Wilkes Profile Image

    “ I have been working with Gordon for about 20 years. He has me covered with every type of insurance there is: business, home, auto. The staff has always been awesome when I go in to talk about or renew my policies.”

  • Jessica Newman Profile Image

    “I should have switched to Quinton Insurance sooner! Gordon had a lot of ideas and ways to save me money on my insurance. In the long run it was the right decision to switch and I have been happy with his services for over 10 years.”

  • Nisha l Profile Image

    “ I’m a single parent and a first time driver so for me it took me some time to get my car fixed and on the road and during that time Quinton Insurance had saved my policy for me until I was ready and the staff made me feel welcome and special

  • SK

    Quick Service
    Great Prices
    Amazing customer service. (They sat down with my grandparents and took their time explaining what kind of coverage they would be getting.)
    So nice!

    Gordon’s always on the phone BUT I get a call back in 5 mins.”

  • MD
  • Leah Dennis Profile Image

    “Gordon has a great team. They work hard to make sure your questions are answered and you have the best coverage possible.”

  • Tom Pucknette Profile Image

    “Quinton Insurance has great communication. I am always getting updates and emails about new coverage and better coverage at a lower price. Over the years they have been able to save me a lot of money.”

  • Sabrina Park Profile Image

    “ I have a few different policies through Quinton Insurance. I get my car and home insurance through them. They have great service, offer a range of policies, and I would without a doubt recommend them.”

  • Angela Shubert Profile Image

    “ I get my personal insurance through Quinton Insurance. They look out for you before themselves and have great service.”

  • BH
  • AP
  • PP

    “I love that they are always making sure I am getting the best value for my insurance dollar.”

  • AD

    “We saved over $3,000.00 and they made the whole process of changing so easy. I couldn’t be happier.”

  • DC