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Can Your Car Insurance Company Repair Your Car with “After Market” Parts???

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Yes, but certain criteria have to be met. According to New York Regulation Section 216.7 Unfair Trade Practices, there are seven points the estimate must include if the insurer’s repair estimate is based upon the use of any “nonoriginal equipment manufacturer” crash part:

  1. the estimate shall specify the non-OEM or non-OEM supplier;
  2. the insurer shall not, without consent of the insured or the insured’s designated representative, specify non-OEM crash parts from more than three different suppliers for any one repair;
  3. the crash part shall equal or exceed the comparable “original equipment manufacturer” crash part in terms of fit, form, finish, quality and performance;
  4. the crash part must be warranted by the non-OEM at least to the same extent and duration as the comparable OEM crash part;
  5. the insurer shall specify only certified crash parts, in regard to any part that has been duly certified by a qualified certifying entity acceptable to the superintendent;
  6. if the crash part has not been certified by a qualified certifying entity acceptable to the superintendent, the non-OEM must issue a written warranty, for at least the period of the insured’s ownership of the vehicle, that the crash part equals or exceeds the comparable OEM crash part in terms of fit, form, finish, quality and performance; and
  7. the insurer shall cause the damaged vehicle to be restored to its pre-loss condition consistent with the non-OEM warranty, at no additional cost to the insured and within a reasonable time, if the non-OEM fails to honor its warranty required in 4 and 6 above.

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